Get Twitter Comments and Replies for your Tweets

You can get replies to your tweets with BusinessJump! All you need to do is choose the package you would like in product selection box.

For orders of 50 or 100 comments, you can distribute the comments between up to five links without extra charge. Just send us the links in the comment box during checkout or send us an email.

Aside from comments on tweets, especially the number of followers and likes plays a crucial role in maintaining a successful online profile. Find out more detailed information and prices on Twitter followers and Twitter likes in the menu above!

The time period mentioned in the selection box begins with the start of the service. In almost all cases the service starts within 24 hours, but in some cases it may take up to three working days.
Please note: We explicitly do not represent any social network and we are in no way affiliated to the platforms that our marketing service offers are about.

Your Brand Needs Popularity To Be Successful


When it comes to building a successful brand, you need to know how much popularity matters. These days, everyone wants a brand that has its name in lights. Everyone wants to interact with a brand that is popular on social media. If your brand isn’t doing numbers with retweets, comments, and likes, then you are likely to get left behind. That’s where BusinessJump comes in. We understand the ins and outs of developing a social media brand. Let us get you the Twitter comments that you need in order to grow your Twitter account and really grow your presence.


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Our team at BusinessJump is ready to make your Twitter social media experience easier than ever. Stop focusing on growing your brand on your own. Let our team do the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on creating high quality content for Twitter. We’ll get you the comments that you need so that you can find sustainable, organic growth. We’re here to make things simple for you! Get more Twitter comments from us today and we’ll get started on getting you Twitter comments for your tweets.